Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Christ's love compels us...

It was on the 8-9th September. Just over two weeks ago. My third time in Kg Mendulong in three months. My first visit was during my holiday trip with some Korean tourists. The second was during my visit doing the Celebration of Hope Malaysia project.

I have heard of this village since the first year I became a Christian in 1984. I heard lots of good reports about the people of this particular village. One of our former SIB Presidents came from this village. Many strong leaders of SIB came from this village too. So I was really looking forward to visit the place and arranged a visit when I had the chance to do so last August.

It is a very clean and beautiful village. Beautiful and friendly people. Nice place to be. Calm and quiet. But I cant help noticing the absence of young people in the church service during my first visit. I noticed the same thing my second. I was told that, the young people would come to church if some youth group will come and pay a visit to the church. Powerhouse and BPM came to my heart. So I conveyed the invitations to both teams to team up with the Interior Ministry...The purpose? To stir and encourage the young people of that church!

So how was the trip?Lets hear what someone had to say about that trip:

Christine ( http://www.xanga.com/chrishellz) wrote:

I went to Sipitang over the weekend for a short mission trip in Kampung Mendulong. We went in 3 groups/ministries and there were 22 of us, in 6 different cars. There were the mission ministry headed by Ps. Jubilee, and he was alone, and then 10 from Powerhouse Youth ministry and 11 from Borneo Praise Ministry. Ps. Jubilee and 10 of us from Powerhouse left for Sipitang first at around 12.30pm, and BPM left at 2pm cause some of them were working. It took us like 3 hours to reach Sipitang, and 45 minutes to Kampung Mendulong.So yea, we arrived at Kampung Mendulong at around 5pm, and we were told that the first service starts at 7.30. So we hung out with the people there, ate lotsa local fruits, like rambutan, langsat and mangoesteen. nyummm!!! Also rested for a while. When it was almost 7pm, we took out shower, wanted to get ready for dinner, but instead of dinner, they served TEA! LoL~So we were having tea at 7pm. We were still waiting for the group from BPM, and it was raining quite heavy. And by the time they arrived, it was already around 8pm. They said that the river was too deep, and they were going around trying to look for different route to get into the village, and there was one way also but the bridge broke down, and well yea, not sure how, but they finally got here safe and sound and in 1 piece.

How we got through?

The brigde was giving away as we reached it. And there was this "no entry sign" put up. We had to make up our mind very quickly. If we walk from that point, that would mean some 45 minutes walking to the church carrying delicate musical instruments ... daring the rain! So, mumbling "Lord, help me!" I crossed over to the other side driving a heavy Hilux! What a rush! Roger, Rijol and Jeffrey followed my lead...We were told in the following morning that the bridge had collapsed!
God is good!

LoL~ We had our opening prayer, thanked God for everything and had out dinner!!! Dinner was good!!! =) But there was no eletricity. lol! So we had candlelight dinner instead. lol! How cool is that. We started our night service at 8.45. BPM took over the worship and Ps. Jubilee preached. It was a good time in the Lord's presence, and the messaged was good, he basically preached about being the light, stay strong and also live a life as a true christian. He closes us in family prayer!! We held each other's hand across the church and prayer!!! =)

I had to play by ear while preparing myself for preaching. I find myself of late that I dont read the Bible to "prepare" sermons as such but I read the Bible to live! So when we have the "Life" in us, preaching will not be a struggle but a life-giving experience..

So after the night session, we had duriansssssss! Nyum~ And we slept around 1am.

The next day, we woke up at 5am, to do bible study and pray. I was like 10 minutes late. LoL~ Ps. Jubilee shared about Jeremiah and Hananaiah, it was a good message and also learnt a lot, about being true christian, like being sensitive and knowing that you're really called by the Lord. We finished at 6am, and then we had like an exercise thingie. LoL~ It was so funny, but fun at the same time!! At 7am, Ps Jubilee, told me that I need to get the team to do a children service. and this is a last minute thingie. LoL~ So there we go again, like Pitas trip, David did the games, with the help of Jia Jun, and I did the singing.. hahaha! It was fun. The children here are fun, and more attentive, and also all smiley! =)

Actually, when I was told that I will be sharing in the morning devotion, I planned to share on "Friendship With God" but when the morning prayer bell woke me up, Jeremiah 28 came to my heart... And about the children thingie, I was also taken aback that the ministry was given to the team! One more for the check list!

Our morning service starts at around 9am. They said the time over there is RUBBER! Rubber time! Means it can start anytime and end anytime. lol~ So yea, BPM took over worship and worship was AWESOME. The members of SIB Mendulong also had some performances for us to testify about God. They had like dances and singing. It was beautiful. Then Ps Jubilee preached about staying strong, and he focused a lot on the young people. He was very straight forward and frank, spoke about hell and also lukewarm christian. I learnt a lot from the message. Ministry time was beautiful, first he prayed for people who wants to have a new heart, and then he also prayed for parents and people who wants their kids and families to be saved. Responds was awesome, and it was a good time with the Lord..

So enjoy our slide below!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our heart our desire...

"Our heart our desire
Is to see the nations worship
Our cry our prayer
Is to sing Your praise to the ends of the earth
That with one mighty voice
Every tribe and tongue rejoices
Our heart our desire
Is to see the nations worship You"

That was one of the worship lyric on Sunday morning at our church..

I have sung the same song many times over, but this time around it had a deeper impact and meaning to me personally...

As I raise both hands in worship with Vivien at my right and son Ezra at my left...I could clearly see the faces of the the people and places in the interior that I had visited and ministered to...

Yes, the desire of my heart is for them to worship Him , our Savior Lord and King of Kings...Yes, the purpose I go to the interior is this: to make the people believe in Him and in turn become worshipers themselves... The Father is seeking for a people that will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.. As I see them while worshiping the Lord, my heart reached out to the Lord praying that these people will grow in stature and maturity for His glory.... Will you pray for them too?

In praying for them, listen..... Is God saying anything about it to you? What is He saying?

One more thing, are we all not called to be a blessing to the nations when Abraham was called? Remember one thing: Without God man cannot, without man God will not!

What say you?

(Kita minum dulu!Where is the Tenom coffee?)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interior Trip to Pitas

A write-up by Christine Majimbun

On June 16th-17th 2007, 10 of us including a team from Powerhouse and 2 other from SIB Immanuel(C) went for a short mission trip to one kampung in Pitas. None of us had any idea how that place would look like since none of us has been there before. According to Beautiful Feet, the trip will be a little tougher than any other interior mission trip we have been to because we need to walk by foot into the kampung.

So on June 16th, we met in Shalom at 9am and we had 3 four wheel drives to bring us to Pitas. We went for breakfast and started our journey to Kota Marudu as we have to meet Pastor Kilon Lagadan the Ketua SIB Kawasan Tandek, to lead us the way to our destination. We arrived at Kota Marudu at about 12, had our lunch and head on to the kampung. It took about 30 minutes from Kota Marudu to the junction that will take us to that kampung. And right as we enter the junction, the road was rugged/rough all the way, and we drove on for about 90 minutes on rugged road, crossed 4 rivers, 2 big ones and 2 small ones. Bobby’s truck stucked at one muddy hill after crossing one of the rivers. He tried like 10 minutes going up and down, but finally was able to reverse all the way back. Everyone worked together to pick up rocks from the river to that muddy area, and the team from Bob’s car had to get down as he will try to speed up through that mud. And yes! He did it.

When we reached a place where we parked our car, we walked another 60 minutes by foot up and down the hills and across 2 rivers. All of us were sweating like mad, and it was really tough for some of us who are not used to this kind of stuff.

When we finally reached the place at about 4.30pm, all of us were soaked. We reached in front of a house which at first most of us thought it was the church but it turned out to be a house belonged to one of the church member and the church instead was just 20 meters away and it looked like a chicken coop, it was very small. Smaller than the house.

We put all our luggage down, and rested for a while in the house that was near the church. When we wanted to take our shower, we only then realize that the river is like 30 minutes downhill, and if we were to shower there, by the time we come back up to the house, we’ll all be sweating again. Some of us decided to stay, while some insisted on walking down to the river. But right after they walked out the house, rain started to fall. So everyone just sat in the room, and all of the sudden, Uncle Ronny has a smart idea; he took off his shirt and started showering under the rain. And everyone started joining him, well except for some of us. By the time they finished showering, the rain stopped! How cool is that? God is good! The kampung has no electricity power, they had to use generator in order to give us light. So we had our dinner and started our night service with about 30-40 people in the room.

We started off with songs of praise and worship and also a testimony by David. And more worship and then Uncle Ronny preached. He preached about being the light, and encouraged the community there to stand strong, and remind them the influence of Muslim nowadays. We ended with a very powerful prayer for families and youth. One lady came forward and said that she wanted to accept the Lord! Amen! And also, a family with a 12 years old girl came forward for prayer. The family said that the girl was forced to convert. So Uncle Ronny and Ps Jubilie started sharing and encouraged them about not being influenced and stand firm on what they believe. Isn’t it amazing that what Uncle Ronny preached touched and changed so many lives?

After the night service, we had a chance to learn about the culture and race over there. They brought up their gongs and kulintangan and started dancing, and some of us managed to learn their dance. We slept around 12.30am and we slept at the place where we had dinner and service, and everything. The very same spot.

On Sunday, most of us were awakened up by the sound of people chatting. We prepared ourselves for our service. We had our service in the same house, since the church was too small. We told the community there that we’re going to start at 9am, but the people start coming in at 8am. They are so excited about God and just so hungry for the word of God. Families after families started coming in and we decided to start our service at 8.30am with the room all packed with families coming from 3 different villages. What touched us also is that a family traveled 3 hours just to come and join the service with us. They had to travel by car, boat and foot. The service started with a welcoming message and then songs of praise and worship. Danielle and Connie then shared their testimonies about how they accepted the Lord Jesus as their savior. After that, we sung some more, and Bob came up and shared about how his family accepted the Lord, and also about how he has never given up sharing the word and encouraging the family to come to church.

Ps Jubilie then realized that the children were quite noisy and a distraction to the adults, so he got Christine and David to took the children for some games. Garry and Danielle also came and helped out, and Connie worked as the video woman. Christine and David started off with games with the children, and then action songs, as well as story telling. Most of the children there are very well behaved and attentive. We had a good time in the Lord’s presence.

[In the adult service, Uncle Ronny stressed the meaning of being a true Christian. Every one need to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. Christianity is not about having a religion, but having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Six came forward to pray the sinners’ prayer. After that the team prayed that the church will be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and for healing. The people in the kampung really need healing as they will need to spend at least RM40 to and fro (by boat and car) for the nearest hospital at Pitas town.]JA insert

After the service, we gathered back at the house and it was gift giving time. We started with giving gifts to the fathers since it was father’s day, and then to the mothers and to the kids. We also gave away 2nd hand clothes for everyone. We brought like (10) boxes of clothes and milk. Around that time, all of us were burning hot, we were all sweating and all of us can’t wait to get home. Some even rather not have lunch there. But we had our lunch there since they cooked for us already, and then we packed, said our goodbyes and left. It was a good challenge indeed.

8 June SIB Kg Minyak

Saturday, March 31, 2007

24-25 March ... SIB Kg Anam, Nabawan

The aim of our interior mission is to encourage and strengthen the interior for Jesus Christ against the forces of false religion and ungodly post modernisation. We believe the only way to do this is through the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and from the teaching of His Word..Such mandate is very clear for us to carry out for it is written "Wake up!Strengthen what remains and is about to die.."(Revelation 3:2). We have no option but to obey. Dont we? So on 24-25 March we went to SIB Kg Anam at Nabawan....

I know, no video clips right? I am working on it...hehehehe

Pray for the churches at Nabawan. Pray for the gift of discernment for the leaders at SIB Nabawan so that they may know what is of God and what is not so that they will be able to minister accordingly...

I can see that the interior SIB as a whole is quite lacking in the teaching of God's Word. This need to be addressed at the pastors' and leadership levels. If we let our feelings to be our guide, believing them to be "His voice" at the expense of a good grasp of His written Word, then we are like a ship with a broken compass...

That is why we brought along copies of Pedoman Harian (BM version of Our Daily Bread) to give to the youth at Nabawan. Special thanks to RBC for those books. Pray that the youth will be greatly strengthened and encouraged by the Lord through the book. ...

18 March..SIB Minitampak 1

On the 18th March 2007 Ronny, Tan, Kenny and myself went to a kampong in Kota Marudu by the name of Kg Minitampak...

The church at SIB Minitampak 1 need strengthening. They need to have a pastor to lead and to shepherd them. They desperately need a pastor's house. Please pray that the Lord will provide this church a pastor house and sent a pastor to help them..

Is the Lord saying anything to you about this? You want to help? You want to get involved? Let us know...

25 February to 23 March 2007...

Some people in Church would ask "Hey, bro...! Long time no see la! Where have you been?" And I will answer "But the reverse is also true..! I didn's see you for a long time too!"

Where was I? Why the slow update on this blog? After being featured in the Sunday Bulletin once...and that's it...?

I was away for almost a month to help intrepreting in an international training.. The following slides can help to explain...

For almost a month, I was asked to help interprete in an international children worker training school. The ministry is called Christ For All Children, an Australian based. I cant remember the number of times I was asked to help interprete for them, but this time around had impacted me in a deeper way. I am so touched by the work our Lord is doing in other parts of the world such as India, Cambodia, Brunei, Philippines and China.

I strongly believe the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ can give hope and strength for children to face life's challenges. Maybe we wont be reading an article such as http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=48630 during breakfast if the true message of the Gospel plus the loving care of the Church had reached the affected family .. Will the real evangelists and pastors rise up?

For me, its a signal that I need to be more serious in preaching and teaching the Gospel to other people old and young alike.. God helps us all in carrying forth His mandate.

Are you still with me?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

2006's interior mission summary...

Special thanks to all praying friends who had been supporting my family and I in prayers all the way through 2006 (and in the previous years)! God bless you all! We believe that you will continue to pray for my family and the ministry this year. Pray that we will continue to love and serve Him faithfully for His glory and the goodwill of mankind! Again, thank you very very much!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Let's Do it!

Let's walk our talk then...

On 23-29 January I went on to help train some young evangelists and after that made a "Joshua and Caleb" trip in Ranau area. The result was a successful meeting the following week.. Enjoy the slide show!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Strengthen My people!

I was driving home one evening when I suddenly remember two of my elder sisters whom had converted to another religion. It griefs whenever I think of them. I lost them the day they converted. Although we can still "eat together" occasionally, it is not the same ...

That was at the middle of December, 2006.

They were not the only ones. Many others are being lured to this religion in the interior of Sabah. The prospects of landing into good paying jobs, financial assistant for further studies and the promise of many benefits, had lured many to convert. They did not know what they were getting themselves into.

I cant forget the year 1979. I was 13. I was sent by the Sabah Foundation to study in the Peninsular. I was put up in a boarding school. During my boarding days, I was told by friends that I will go to hell when I die because I am a Christian. If I want to go to heaven, then I need to become one of them. I asked myself "Are all the good people in church back home bound for hell?" One Christian fellowship outside of the school tried to reach me. One day I was given a Bible to read. But it was "borrowed" by one of our religious teachers. A few days later, I saw the cover was what left of it when I passed by his house on my way to the school's canteen one afternoon. He burnt the Bible. Not a very pleasant memory.

I remember crying alone in the hostel when all my friends went for their Friday prayers. There in the dormitory I asked God "God, Who are You? Why cant I see You? Why am I a Christian? Why is life so lonely? Who are You? What is the purpose of study? Life?Why am I away from my family?Why You put me here? Lord, Who are YOU?? Are You the Christian God? Or are You the Muslim God? Which One? Please, I need to know Who You are. If You let me know Who You are and the way to go to You, then I promise will let others know the way..I know I am not alone in this search for You. If You tell me, I will tell them.." I remember crying. Really cried for the first time. I cried in search for His reality. I was 13. My mum was praying hard for my protection and salvation every 3 am since the day I left Sabah to study in Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim, Sungai Petani Kedah.

I got saved in 1984. What took me so long?

" Lord, I will tell them.." I am what I am because of that simple vow.

28 years ago.

God is good. He is so so good isn't He?

While driving home that evening, God's Spirit rose within me and I heard His still small voice "Strengthen My people, my son!"

I pulled over and smsed a lawyer friend "Our interior focus is to strengthen the interior for Christ"! The reply was a strong positive.

Thats exactly what I am going to do this year, strengthening God's people for Christ!

I am now on Ezra and Nehemiah. I can identify with them as I read them again in the context of what was put into my heart. Both were sent back to rebuild. I am also "commissioned" to "rebuild". Our third generation (SIB in particular) need to be strengthened. Many have knowledge about the Lord but we need to bring that knowledge into a daily reality of living in Christ! Many have a religion but not a relationship with the Lord. My sisters had religion but not a relationship with Christ. It was so then, it is so now.

But today we can make a difference. How? Through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Christ. Because faith comes from hearing the word of Christ. Paul the apostle asked "How shall they hear without a preacher? And how they are to preach unless they are sent?" And Paul quoted Isaiah "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

Are you with me? Anyone?